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Dorothy Braun

Steward of Finneytown

Dorothy’s tenure in Finneytown began when she moved here in 1958. She wanted a relatively small school system for her three daughters, so they would be known as individuals rather than faces in the crowd. She had attended a small school herself and appreciated the intimacy it offered, and has never regretted her decision.

She began her involvement with Finneytown Schools as a volunteer reporter for the Northern Hills Journal, reporting every school board meeting. She was convinced that Finneytown residents needed to be informed about the schools. After several years, she decided to run as a member of the Finneytown Board of Education was reelected for twelve years from 1965 through 1977. During this time she worked toward improving the educational system for all pupils.

Among her initiatives were: 

  • Including land near Whitaker and Brent Elementary Schools in a bond issues, adding much needed recreational/playground areas to the school and community.

  • Demanding that Finneytown add interscholastic sports for girls to its athletic program.

  • Encouraging the development of a strings program for the school district.

  • Establishing the Finneytown Community School concept.

  • Co-chairing a committee to raise $100,000 to operate a kindergarten in the fall of 1965.

  • Leading a Mariner Senior Girl Scout troop in Finneytown for 20 years.

She is also a member of the University of Cincinnati and Lockland High School Athletic Halls of Fame.

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