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Dr. Bill Steiden

All Star Educator

Dr. Steiden spent 45 years in education. He was a high school principal for 26 of those years. He spent 36 years of active duty and active reserves in the United States Army. Now retired, he holds the rank of Colonel.

While finishing his doctoral work at the University of Kentucky in the spring of 1969, he became aware that the principal position at Finneytown High School was open to applicants. Already a Finneytown resident, he applied for the position and was accepted by the Board of Education.

From the beginning, he met with the Department Chairs to form a decision-making group and worked toward program improvement.

Under Dr. Steiden’s leadership programs and opportunities were created for students including but not limited to self-scheduling, open campus privileges, independent study for juniors and seniors, and “campus freedom” (visiting the Student Commons, or just sitting outside on the benches instead of a study hall). One of the first video cameras for school use was purchased under Dr. Steiden’s tenure.

While principal, Finneytown High School experienced a transformation and growth where the expectation was for students to become responsible citizens and to earn the opportunities and privileges that were given to them.

Dr. Steiden says “The feedback from our graduates who went on to college or entered the adult world in other capacities was encouraging and gratifying.” As one graduate said upon entering college, “I knew how to be responsible and pursue my studies.”

Dr. Steiden passed away on February 14, 2019.

Dr. Steiden credits parental involvement from the onset and its continuation throughout their children’s years in the high school as a key to the ongoing refinement of curriculum and instructional strategies used at the high school.

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