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Dr. Kay Grosheim Edwards

Class of 1975

Dr. Grosheim Edwards was an outstanding musician at Finneytown in the early 70’s. She played flute in the orchestra, symphonic, jazz, and marching bands. She additionally accompanied all of the singing groups, sang in both the Ensemble and Madrigal, and played the lead in Carousel, when not cheerleading or in student council.  Kay won both the John Philip Sousa and Frederic Chopin awards.

At Ohio University, Kay won the 1980 Student Teacher Award, was in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, and on the National Dean’s List. Kay has often presented multi-cultural programs throughout the country and is widely published.

Kay taught elementary school music from 1983-1991. She earned her doctorate in Musical Arts in 1994 at Arizona State and she is currently an assistant professor in Music Education at Oberlin College Conservatory of Music.

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