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Jeff Immelt

Class of 1974

Mr. Immelt was an outstanding student/athlete in the early 1970’s. He captained both the football and basketball teams. In 1974, he was named Best Athlete and won the B’nai B’rith and Harvard/Brown Awards.

At Dartmouth, Mr. Immelt lettered in football and earned a degree in Applied Math in 1978. After receiving his MBA from Harvard in 1982, he joined GE Corporate Marketing in 1982, GE Plastics in 1983, and GE Appliances in 1989 as Vice President. From 1993-1996 Mr. Immelt was VP and General Manager of GE Plastics Americas. In 1997, he became the CEO of GE Medical Systems (now GE Healthcare). In 2001, Mr. Immelt succeeded Jack Welch to become just the 9th chairman in General Electric’s history, stepping down in 2017.

Mr. Immelt has been a generous contributor to the Finneytown Schools Education Foundation where his financial support has benefited graduating seniors with the "Teacher’s Awards Scholarships, the Community Service Program and numerous grants to classroom teachers. He is married to Andrea, and they have a daughter Sarah.

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