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Jeff Jacoby

Class of 1973

During Jeff’s time at Finneytown, he was part of the 1969 Reserve Championship football team as a freshman – the only freshman on the team. He was named by the coaches as “Top Athlete” in 1972-1973. Additionally, Jeff was named 1st Team All-League and 1st Team All-City in 1972.

After high school, Jeff played for Tennessee Tech and started three and a half years at middle linebacker as one of the nation’s top 5 small college defenses. He was named “OUC Player of the Week” his sophomore year. In 1975, he played on the Ohio Valley Conference Championship team.

After college, Jeff spent a career on the airwaves in Knoxville, Tennessee working for radio stations WHUB, WMYU, WIVK, WOKI, WWST, and WNML, and for TV station WCTE.  He was best known for his sports reporting.  But listeners and co-workers also knew him for his morning show and for the station management positions he held including general manager and the board of directors.

Jeff passed away on Christmas morning, 2016.

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