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Krista R. Flannigan J.D.

Class of 1981

Krista is a social worker, licensed attorney in Colorado, Professor of Criminology at Florida State University, and is experienced in providing services to victims of mass tragedy.

She has served as the Victim Services Network/Community Justice Unit Director at the Denver District Attorney’s Office. Krista has also served as an adjunct instructor at Metro State College and Red Rocks Community College, teaching classes in domestic violence, crisis intervention, child abuse, emergency responder stress and grief counseling.

Formerly, she was the PIO/ Victim Services Consultant with the Office of the District Attorney in the 5th Judicial District Office regarding a high profile case in that office.

Among many other things, she has worked with the Office for Victims of Crime and the Center for Disease Control to develop and implement a victim assistance response to bio-chemical terrorist attacks. She was a victim services consultant for Jefferson County in response to the Columbine High School shooting and she previously served as the co-Director for the Colorado Oklahoma Resource Council (“CORC”).

Krista worked six years with a District Attorney's Office in a Colorado mountain community. She served on the committee that drafted the Colorado Victim Rights Amendment and enabling legislation and is currently an advisory member of the National Victim Rights Amendment Network.

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