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Merce Hershey

All Star Educator

Merce claims not to have an illustrious life as her family was her life. But to those who know Merce, she is family to many.

She grew up in Highland Park, Michigan, graduating from Highland Park High School and attended Highland Park Junior College.

She began working at an engineering company where she met her husband Bill. After they married, the couple moved to Chicago where Merce had her first child, a daughter who died after 4 years. Bill was transferred to Peoria where the family grew by two more children—Bill and Mark. Then it was back to Michigan and another child, Greg, was born. After two years the family was transferred to Cincinnati and two more children, Carol and Jeff, arrived. While the children went through school at Whitaker, Merce volunteered until Louise Seldon, district communications, told Merce that principal Julia Klinchok was looking for an aide at Cottonwood.

After almost two years, she started teaching computer classes on Radio Shack computers. When the secretary retired, Merce applied for the job.

She remained at Cottonwood for 24 years of her 36 years serving the district. Merce retired in June, 2009.

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