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Randy Kent

Class of 1972

Randy was voted “Most Industrious” in his class, and his high school years and all that has followed have proven that to be true. His wrestling, band and theater involvements at Finneytown were only the beginning of interests and commitments which shaped his life.

Randy spent his high school years excelling on the wrestling team and served as captain. He made the Cincinnati Enquirer All-Star Wrestling Team, the Cincinnati Post and Times-Star AAA Wrestling First Team, and won individual wrestling championships and awards while at Finneytown. In 1972, he was UC Invitational Champion Indian Hill Champion, Finneytown Invitational Champion, League Champion, Sectional Champion, District Champion, and State Qualifier. He also wrestled at the University of Cincinnati and coached at Finneytown junior and senior high. He has co-directed the Finneytown Wrestling Invitational since 1987.

Randy’s theatre involvements at Finneytown included performing and working on tech construction, lighting, and sound. At the University of Cincinnati he majored in Technical Theatre and served on the tech crew. Professionally he danced in and choreographed shows at Kings Island in the 70’s, taught and performed on the International Stage, designed the Hanna-Baberra Characters, was the live show supervisor, and designed the effects for the Kings Island train ride.

A tireless entrepreneur, Randy created the first line of Halloween makeup appliances sold nationally and the first line of illusion costumes sold internationally. He has designed costumes for Disney and Dreamworks films. He created the Cincinnati Stinger and Stagecraft Inc., and opened a rental store, Stagecraft Theatrical, in Northside.

Randy lives in Finneytown and continues to support the community with his wrestling and theatre passions.

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