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Rose Kent Solomon

All Star Educator

After growing up in West Virginia, Rose attended Miami University and received her Bachelors of Education in 1977 and her Masters in 1981. For her student teaching assignment, she was assigned to Finneytown where she helped Burt McCollum with the production of Story Theatre. Her initial experience with the theatre department lead Rose to spend most of her next 30 years at Finneytown.

During her prolific career at Finneytown, Rose wore many hats including English teacher, cheer leading sponsor, publishing the school newsletter, leading the Finneytown Education Association, coaching the academic quiz team, traveling with students to Canada and Europe, and bringing the libraries into the 21st century as Media Specialist. In this final role, Rose really put her mark on Finneytown as she embraced the technological revolution. She worked with students to embrace the importance of television and the Internet as sources of information and introduced hundreds of kids to the wonders of the books, periodicals, audio files, and computers.

Rose wrote “You can move the teacher out of Finneytown, but after 29+years, it is impossible to move Finneytown out of the teacher – especially this one.”

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