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Finneytown Encourages Student Individuality

If you haven't seen it already, check out this interview by Finneytown Superintendent Dr. Laurie Banks on local channel 19 (WXIX). Rather than "fixing a broken child", this overview spotlight's how Finneytown seeks to implement a school district where kids are encouraged to find their own strengths and passions. Like members of our alumni association (the Finneytown Alumni Network) will attest, this is further proof that Finneytown is a unique place to raise a family, and can help our community's kids become whatever they want to in life.

Finneytown's alumni include:

Bottom line - there are no artificial limits or labels placed a child at Finneytown. The staff is top-notch and their results are, based on the list above, self-evident.

Are you a Finneytown alum and want to re-connect with the Finneytown Alumni Network, please fill out our reconnect form. We look forward to hearing what you've been up to!


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