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Finneytown Hall of Fame Honoree Dr. Emmett "Chip" Roper

Dr. Emmett "Chip" Roper

Inducted into the Finneytown Hall of Fame in 2003, Chip was an 8-time varsity letter recipient in football, basketball, and baseball while attending Finneytown High School, graduating in 1980. He went on to play baseball at Bluffton College. Beyond his high school and college athletic careers, Chip received his Bachelor's of Science at the University of Cincinnati and, in 1994, his M.D. from the Ohio State University. Since then, Dr. Roper has held a number of medical positions and has built a successful internal medicine practice as a primary care physician with Mercy Health in Cincinnati.

In addition to his athletic and career accomplishments, Dr. Roper has developed a habit of giving back to his community. He has been involved with coaching countless youth athletic teams since 1983 including basketball and softball. He also served as Finneytown's team physician for a decade in the 90's and early 2000's. Dr. Roper has also mentored young men who are considering medicine as a career. His desire to encourage the next generation can be traced back to Finneytown's football team physician in the late 70's who, after hearing that Chip also wanted to be a physician, encouraged, supported, and nurtured that dream.

Chip's dedication to his athletic and academic pursuits, his patients at his medical practice, and the stewardship of his community make us proud to include Dr. Roper in the Finneytown Hall of Fame.

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