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Finneytown Alumni Network Announces Annual Membership Meeting

Updated: Jan 6

Large Meeting of Finneytown Alumni Network

The Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation and Finneytown Alumni Network have announced that their annual membership meeting will take place at 7:30 PM on Monday, February 26, 2024 at the Finneytown Secondary Campus Media Center (Library). The Board of Trustees and all members are invited to join the meeting.

"What an exciting time to be an alum of Finneytown!" said Scott Haarlammert, President of the Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation. "With the upcoming construction of the new Secondary Campus and the formal establishment of the Finneytown Alumni Network, there has never been a better opportunity to get involved."

The annual membership meeting is an opportunity for Foundation members to have a positive impact on the district by taking a volunteer leadership role on the Foundation board, or as part of the team working to build the Alumni Network. We will be electing approximately half of our officers to new 2-year terms, discussing ways to support the upcoming construction project, and finalizing our budget, which has seen a significant boost in recent years thanks to the engagement of The Who following their concert at TQL Stadium in Cincinnati in May, 2022.

"Hold your horses." said Finneytown art teacher Julie Vorwerck-Ficke. "You said all members are invited, but I haven't specifically paid a membership fee to join. Am I a member of the Alumni Network?". If you graduated from Finneytown High School and register using the re-connect form, then YES, you are a member of the Finneytown Alumni Network (like hundreds of other alums have already done)! There are no membership fees required. What about community members who didn't graduate from Finneytown? If you live in Finneytown, have (or had) a kid in the district, work at (or are retired from) Finneytown, or simply want to see a Finneytown child flourish, you can become a member of the Foundation by registering here. Come join us!

As a reminder, the Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation will not share your information with any 3rd party. It will only be used for Finneytown Alumni Network communications.)

We hope to see you at our Annual Membership Meeting on February 26th!


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