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The Finneytown Hall of Fame

Did you know that Finneytown has a Hall of Fame!?! It's true! The Hall of Fame was created in 2000 to honor individuals who not only have contributed to Finneytown schools and community, but also have dedicated their lives to improving the world that we all call home. Finneytown's Hall of Fame is unique in that an individual doesn't necessarily need to have amassed exemplary achievements while at Finneytown to be inducted. Not only does the Hall include outstanding former student athletes and artists, but we are equally proud of our inductees who are former teachers and administrators, community volunteers, and graduates who have gone on to contribute to the world in their chosen profession. In the coming weeks and months, we'll periodically highlight a member of the Hall of Fame. In doing so, it is our hope that you'll join the Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation in continuing to support the Finneytown Local School District and their mission to help students THINK critically, GROW intellectually, and LIVE with integrity.

Telford "Tel" Whitaker

The first Hall of Fame honoree that we'd like to highlight is Telford "Tel" Whitaker. The namesake for the recently retired Whitaker Elementary, Mr. Whitaker received his bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Cincinnati and started teaching in Finneytown in 1930 when it a small four-room school. Tel also spent time teaching in the Cincinnati Public Schools and worked in industry during the early 1940's war years. He came back to Finneytown as a teacher-principal in 1945.

In 1958, Tel became the principal of the new Finneytown High School and Superintendent of the district. Until his retirement in 1966, Tel invested much of his leadership energy into recruiting strong faculty, which transformed Finneytown into one of the top schools in the area. He stressed both academic and extra-curricular excellence at all levels.

Tel and his wife Martha both spent their retirement years in Florida until their passing in 1993.

Check out the rest of the Class of 2000 Hall of Fame inductees!

Would you like to nominate an individual who you think would make a deserving addition to the Finneytown Hall of Fame, please provide some details of their accomplishments here.


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