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What a Concert!

Wow. Just, wow! The Who performed their first concert in Cincinnati since the tragic events that unfolded outside of Riverfront Coliseum on December 3, 1979. The band's full production did a great job of honoring the 11 families of the kids that were lost more than 40 years ago. Hopefully, the families also felt that it was a fitting tribute. Because of the band's generosity, the memories of the 11 will live on through a scholarship endowment that will benefit the next generation of artists.

In the spirit of encouraging the next generation to enter a career in the arts, several current and former Finneytown High School students performed on-stage, in the orchestra and chorus, with the band during their final number, a rendition of Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland). Then, at the end, front man Roger Daltrey call the Finneytown kids up on stage with him. This was a moment that these students will remember for the rest of their lives. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this incredible evening! #FinneytownProud

Shout out to @It’sRavenVideo for the YouTube post!


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