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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was created in 2000 to honor individuals who not only have contributed to Finneytown schools and community, but also have dedicated their lives to improving the world that we all call home. Finneytown's Hall of Fame is unique in that an individual doesn't necessarily need to have amassed exemplary achievements while at Finneytown to be inducted. Not only does the Hall include outstanding former student athletes and artists, but we are equally proud of our inductees who are former teachers and administrators, community volunteers, and graduates who have gone on to contribute to the world in their chosen profession.

If you'd like to nominate someone who you believe is deserving of a place in Finneytown's Hall of Fame, please provide some basic information below.  We only have 2 rules about nominees.  First, you cannot nominate yourself.  And second, the nominee must be a Finneytown connection that has made significant contributions to their school or community via athletics, arts, academics, community service, or career achievement.


The Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation will review nominations as they are submitted.  Thank you for considering nominating a deserving individual!

Thank you for your nomination.  We will respond to your submission after we have had an opportunity to review it.

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